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Create an encrypted password:

It doesn't really matter how you make it happen, but you need a password with sufficent entropy to be reasonably secure. The use of unique elements (whole words, upper or lower case letters, numbers, symbols) each count towards the goal. The use of common password elements like '123', 'password' or repeated characters will not add to the score.

Please do NOT re-use any password you have used before for anything else!


For the record, the above form encrypts your password on your own computer and does not send anything anywhere. It should be safe to copy and paste the secure hash above to send with your new password request.

* For the technically inclined, the encryption is a randomly salted SHA1 digest suitable for use in OpenLDAP. This is basically an in-browser implementation of slappasswd built using the crypto-js library for encryption and zxcvbn for enforcing password quality. At least 30 bits of entropy are required before the hash function runs.